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At 榆树大学, our product is you – and we take you seriously. Our goal is to provide the space for young women and men to learn, 成长, and lay the foundation you will need to build your own dreams. Our undergraduate and graduate students thrive in a campus experience that is inclusive and engaging. Our classes are rich and rigorous, but are small enough that the professors know who you are and what you can do. Combining a traditional liberal arts education with the very latest professional training, the Elms will prepare you with the skills, the knowledge and the confidence to change your life and the world. 

two students, in a hospital setting, in scrubs

“I choose Elms because it is the smallest. I learn best in small classrooms, and I like knowing my professors.奇娜说. “I know my professors, and my professors know me. And we have a close relationship that helps with academics – and everything.” ——Chyna Pacheco, 23岁

“I’m more apt to go up to my professors and ask them questions because I know they know who they are talking to,”她说。. “I know that when they see my face, they know my name.” ——Mia Rotatori, 23岁


Professor Janet Williams, a student, reviewing biology, on a computer

“We’re small, and we pay very close attention to our students.  Students don’t slip through our cracks. We know when our students are struggling, we know when they haven’t completed their assignments, 我们帮助他们.”

“我们了解我们的学生. It’s because of those really close connections that we make with our students that we can write good letters of recommendation for them and that really fosters their pathway forward. A student can be a big fish in a small pond here, and that’s a really great thing because you get noticed. 你知道你很重要.”

生物学教授, Pre-medical/Pre-health Advisor, 导演, Postbaccalaureate Premedical Studies 项目 导演, Master of Biomedical Sciences Program Student life

four students, first year experience, elms college

At Elms, there are no strangers. The campus is small, faces are familiar and degrees of separation  are quite narrow. You will encounter a warm welcome and open hearts wherever you go. You will find individual support, 鼓励和指导, but  also varied social activities, 体育运动, and student clubs and organizations. You will find many opportunities to serve, to volunteer and to lead along your personal journey to discover, expand and refine who you are and what you are about.


Bachelors of Nursing, Masters of Nursing, female student in hallway, portrait

“Elms has a very good reputation for producing well-rounded nurses. And you can see that going through the course work. The faculty have a wealth of knowledge that they can give to their students. They’re all very encouraging and just want good nurses out in the field.

Traditional college didn’t work for me. Life didn’t let me be a traditional college student. I went back to school many years later. I decided to go into nursing when my youngest child was 4 months old.

When I had the opportunity to do the RN to BSN program, I knew I wanted to come here.

Everything for my program was online. Everything is very asynchronous. But through your work, your professors get to know you. I have thrived in online learning. 这对我来说太好了.

——米兰达·勒贝尔 – Bachelors of Nursing, ‘22, Masters of Nursing, ‘23

Educating Students of All Backgrounds and Religions

成立于1928年, the College of Our Lady of the Elms is a dynamic, 天主教, coeducational liberal arts institution that is dedicated to educating all students of all backgrounds and religions. We provide an academic strategy based on developing a strong sense of what each person can contribute to the world, 他们的邻居, 对彼此说. 为了实现这些目标, we create a welcoming community that not only enables our students to thrive but one that they’ll take with them after they graduate.